The 25th Anniversary – Editor’s Note

In the twenty-five years since Alaska Quarterly Review (AQR) published its first issue in fall of 1982, the average human heart beat 875 million times, the Earth wobbled on its axis, and glaciers in Alaska and around the globe retreated. In 1982 we were not using laptop computers, deleting spam, or making movies with our

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Special Feature: Dedication to Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros, Feature Excerpts and Contributors

The full photographic essay (text and photographs) is only available in the printed edition. Dedication Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros were tragically killed while covering the civil war in Libya on April 20, 2011. In this special tribute section, 68 of among the world's leading photojournalists proactively honor Tim and Chris by exploring the universal [...] Continue reading »

30th Anniversary Poems Contributors

Robert Bly Billy Collins Olena Kalytiak Davis Stuart Dischell Rita Dove Mark Doty Stephen Dunn Stuart Dybek Nancy Eimers Tess Gallagher Patricia Hampl Brenda Hillman Jane Hirshfield Marie Howe Yusef Komunyakaa Maxine Kumin Dorianne Laux Li-Young Lee Robert Pinsky Pattiann Rogers Kay Ryan Michael Ryan Peggy Shumaker Gerald Stern Tomas Tranströmer Jean Valentine David Wagoner [...] Continue reading »

Introduction to “30th Anniversary Poems”

If a person should happen to be asking the question, “What is the state of American literature, the state of American arts?” she or he could turn happily for an answer to the past thirty years’ pages of The Alaska Quarterly Review (AQR). If that surprises – if Anchorage seems far-flung,possibly even implausible, as a

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