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Editor’s Note

Since 2016 we have edged closer and closer to an unprecedented post-truth era in the governance of our country. Driven by greed and a confluence of cynical ideologies, politicians and their media enablers have been unrelenting in spreading falsehoods. They have attacked the institutions of our republic along with long-accepted norms of democratic society. At […]

30th Anniversary

This year marks Alaska Quarterly Review’s 30th anniversary of publication. Since 1982, it has served as a bridge between Alaska and the national and international literary community. It has established itself as distinctly Alaskan – strongly influenced by the place, people and cultural traditions – without being provincial. Alaska Quarterly Review has discovered and nurtured […]

Alaska Native Writers, Storytellers & Orators – The Expanded Edition

Alaska is rich in Native culture and heritage as illustrated by the fact that there are about twenty distinct Native languages spoken here. Sadly, however, many of the languages are in danger of dying out. Eyak, for example, has only one Native speaker left; Haida has about ten. This compelling reality reinforces our strong belief […]

Intimate Voices, Ordinary Lives Stories of Fact and Fiction

In terms of geologic time, it doesn’t mean much that the Comet Hale-Bopp won’t be lighting up our skies again for nearly 3,000 years. And scientists say it’s not much more than a big, dirty iceball anyway, with a tail of gases millions of miles long. A remnant from the time when the solar system […]