Editor’s Note

Since 2016 we have edged closer and closer to an unprecedented post-truth era in the governance of our country. Driven by greed and a confluence of cynical ideologies, politicians and their media enablers have been unrelenting in spreading falsehoods. They have attacked the institutions of our republic along with long-accepted norms of democratic society. At […]

Guest Editor, Benjamin J. Spatz

Introduction to “Liberty and Justice (for All)”

Photojournalists have a particularly unique perspective on the notions of liberty and justice. They confront the full spectrum of human emotions: moments of joy and of anguish, in times of war and of peace. Many go where others don’t, to forgotten corners of their own communities and to far-off lands, often putting themselves in harm’s […]

30th Anniversary

This year marks Alaska Quarterly Review’s 30th anniversary of publication. Since 1982, it has served as a bridge between Alaska and the national and international literary community. It has established itself as distinctly Alaskan – strongly influenced by the place, people and cultural traditions – without being provincial. Alaska Quarterly Review has discovered and nurtured […]