Vol. 1, No. 1 & 2, Fall 1982 | Alaska Quarterly Review

Vol. 1, No. 1 & 2, Fall 1982

About the Cover

“Mail Plane”

© 1978 Sam Kimura

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Table of Contents


At the Deluxe Daniel Fleshler
Outtakes Stuart Dybek
Two Brief Narratives Constance Pierce
Wednesday Lover Karen Tschannen
94WABC Degrees Adam Liptak
The Dream of a Perfect City Edward Falco


Judgement of Paris Jim Barnes
The American Book of the Dead Jim Barnes
The House Jan Schmidt
Bait David Hopes
How We Wrote Back Then Robert Novak
The Sickroom Peter La Salle
Seed in the Wind Ellen Kroeker
Bourbon Robert McDowell
Circles into Silence Marilyn Throne

Underground Polish Poems

Translated by Valeria Wasilewski in collaboration with Jakub Karpinski and Irena Lasoto
Warning Ewa Lipska
Philosophers Adam Zagajewski
XXX Adam Zagajewski
Defects, Seconds, Substitutes Stanislaw Baranczak


Parody, Formal Verse and the Irony of Rhetoric John T. Gage
The Scene as Microcosm in Sometime a Great Notion M. Gilbert Porter


Children of the World David Kirby
A review essay of two recent issues of the University of Michigan Poets on Poetry series; Louis Simpson, A Company of Poets, and Phillip Levine, Don’t Ask.
A Glass of Georgian Wine Robert Fyne
A review essay of Russian Journal by Andrea Lee
Maria Sabrina: Her Life and Chants by Alvaro Estrada Ann Chandonnet