Vol 10, No. 1 & 2, Fall/Winter 1991

About the Cover

Musk Ox Farm workers herd a group of arctic musk oxen out to pasture in minus 20 degree temperatures. Located in the Matanuska Valley just outside of Palmer, Alaska, this farm raises musk oxen for their undercoat of hair called qiviut. Qiviut is warmer than sheep’s wool and softer than cashmere.

© Linda Cordle

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Table of Contents

Special Section: Jane Smiley

Let’s Say Iowa is the Opposite of Hollywood: An Interview with Jane Smiley
Mama in Her Kerchief, and I in My Cap
The Tale of the Bear (from The Greenlanders)


New York Again Sydney Harth
The Few Solid Ones Warren Maxwell
The Dream Sweep Scott Lasser
Alligator Peter Turchi
Sinning F.R. Lewis
Piano Mary Aleta White
The Hat James Roth
Marathon William Cobb
An Arizona Town Kristen Meek
Doc Holliday’s Grave William Matthews


Reclining Nude Lisa Mann
Fatima Fernandez Lisa Mann
The Language Keepers Carolyn Kremers
Yurarluni: Eskimo Dancing Carolyn Kremers
Lace Naomi Clark
Near Timberline Naomi Clark
Hired Horses At Seaside Joanne Riley
The Diving Horse: A Retrospective Vanessa Haley
At An Old Farmhouse On Crain Highway Near Upper Marlboro, Maryland, 1989 Jean Berrett
The Custodian Darrell g.h. Schramm
Rewriting a History Sheila Nickerson
Letter, To Jo, From Sonoma Sheila Nickerson
Finally As The Wind Trent Busch
From the Beginning Barry Sternlieb
Thoreau’s Hat Barry Sternlieb
Farrier Barry Sternlieb
Relativity In January Barry Sternlieb