Vol. 10, No. 3 & 4, Spring/Summer 1992

About the Cover

A spring storm blows in from Prince William Sound and down across the ice of Portage Glacier and the blue icebergs of Portage Lake. About a hundred feet of snow falls on the glacier annually, and yet, because of its frequent calving of icebergs, its face continues to retreat nearly 300 feet each year.

© John Tuckey

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Table of Contents


The Logic of Angels Karen S. McElmurray
The Heaven of Animals Alison Baker
The Meaning of Prayer Elizabeth Adams
Dogs Audrey Colombe
The Men in the Family John Sullivan
The Hearty Child Robyn Oughton
The Non-Combatant Edith Pearlman
From the Halls of Santa Monica to the Shores of Disneyland (1958) Robert Lacy
Son of Man Peter Christopher
Missing J.M. Cummings
Sixteen Karen S. Houppert
Getting Places is Harder Nowadays Jane Hill
The Women of Nijar Jessica Treat

Philosophy Feature: Arthur C. Danto

Why We Need Fiction: An Interview with Arthur C. Danto
Kafka Gives His Regards to Broadway
Philosophizing Literature


Dante Explaining His Poem to the City Brian Culhane
This Winter: Requiem Brian Culhane
Cicadas Joel Friederich
Inventing the Wind Alison Kolodinsky
The Anti-Foucault Poem Sandra Nelson
Abaloneying B. Long
The Wind and Heather Al Masarik
White River Al Masarik
Mission Wind Al Masarik