Vol. 16, No. 1 & 2, Intimate Voices, Ordinary Lives Stories of Fact and Fiction, Fall/Winter 1997 | Alaska Quarterly Review

Vol. 16, No. 1 & 2, Intimate Voices, Ordinary Lives Stories of Fact and Fiction, Fall/Winter 1997

About the Cover

“Peeker,” a sculptural depiction of a seal surfacing by Alaskan Artist Alvin Amason, was presented to the Alaska Quarterly Review as part of its 1996 Governor’s Award for the Arts. Mr. Amason is nationally known for his colorful works depicting what he calls “Alaskan animals of the 20th century.”

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Table of Contents

Editor’s Note Ronald Spatz
Inland Christine Schutt
Christine Schutt’s first story collection Nightwork was published by Knopf in 1996. She is a recent recipient of an O. Henry Prize for a story that first appeared in this magazine.
White Lunch Valerie Miner
Valerie Miner’s six novels include A Walking Fire, Winter’s Edge, and All Good Women. She is also the author of Trespassing and Other Stories and Rumors from the Cauldron: Selected Essays, Reviews and Reportage. Her work has appeared in Ploughshares, Michigan Quarterly Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, The Village Voice, and other journals.
With Child Christy Prahl
Christy Prahl’s work has appeared in The Carolina Quarterly, Puerto del Sol, The Kansas Quarterly, and Sun Dog: The Southeast Review. She is the fiction editor of Cottonwood magazine.
First Real Dance Brooke Sanderson
Brooke Sanderson’s stories have recently appeared in issues of Descant and Green Mountains Review.
Keria Rita Plush
Rita Plush is an interior designer in New York. This is her first publication.
Woman on the Bed Michael Wells
Michael Wells is in the MFA writing program at Western Michigan University. This is his first published story.
Listening for Bear Jennifer Gilmore
Jennifer Gilmore’s work has appeared in Cutbank, The Stranger, The Seattle Weekly, and Allure.
A Story of Running Water Leslie Leyland Fields
Leslie Leyland Fields is the author of The Entangling Net: Alaska Commercial Fishing Women Tell Their Lives recently published by the University of Illinois Press, and a collection of poetry, The Water Under Fish. Her work has appeared in Manoa, The Seattle Review, Alaska Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, and other journals.
The Source Elaine Romero
Elaine Romero, an award-winning playwright, has had her plays produced in various venues across the country. Her upcoming publications include “If Susan Smith Could Talk” in Ten Minute Plays from Actors Theatre of Louisville, Vol. 4 (Samuel French, Inc.) and “The Fat-Free Chicana and the Snow Cap Queen” in Stages of Life: Latinas in Teatro (University of Arizona Press).
Brisket Stuart Dybek
Stuart Dybek is a contributing editor of AQR. His recent stories appear in the Prize Stories: The O. Henry Awards, The Best American Short Stories, and Harper’s. Dybek is the author of two short story collections, The Coast of Chicago and Childhood and Other Neighborhoods, and a book of poetry. He is a recipient of the Award in Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.
Choctawhatchee Sharon Booker Brooks
Sharon Booker Brooks’ stories have appeared in Cimarron Review, South Dakota Review, West Branch, and Writer’s Forum.
Facts and Opinions Heather Sellers
Heather Sellers’ work appears in a range of publications including The William and Mary Review, Sonora Review, The Beloit Fiction Journal, and The New Virginia Review. She recently completed a novel titled Georgia Underwater.
Numberology Debra Levy
Debra Levy’s work has recently appeared in South Dakota Review and The Flying Island.
Wind Joshua Harmon
Joshua Harmon’s fiction is published in a range of literary magazines including The Antioch Review, The Quarterly, Chelsea, Quarterly West, and The Greensboro Review.
Tossing Stones Wendy Erd
Wendy Erd’s work is forthcoming in An Inn Near Kyoto: A Collection of American Women Travelling Abroad, to be published by New Rivers Press in 1998.
Notes to a Veteran of a Foreign War Jessica Roeder
Jessica Roeder’s fiction has appeared in The Threepenny Review. She has recently completed a novel titled Crawl Maps.
Jesus Loves Bronwyn Goldstein Deborah Burns
Deborah Burns has recent stories in Heartlands Today and Innisfree.
In Another Language Edra Ziesk
Edra Ziesk’s first novel, Acceptable Losses, was recently published by SMU Press. Her short fiction has appeared in a range of magazines including Other Voices, Playgirl, Folio, Blueline, and Turnstile. She has received fiction fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.
Cake Diane Williams
Diane Williams, co-editor of StoryQuarterly, is the author of three books: Some Sexual Success Stories; This is About the Body, the Mind, the Soul, the World, Time and Fate; and The Stupefaction.
Coho Smith Gary Holthaus
Gary Holthaus is the author of two collections of poetry, Unexpected Manna and Circling Back, and a collection of essays published in 1997 by the University of Arizona, Wide Skies: Finding a Home in the West in which “Coho Smith” appears in a somewhat different version. Holthaus’ essay, “Whiteout,” first published in this magazine, was cited in The Best American Essays as one of the notable essays of 1995.
Vermeer’s Light Judith Dancoff
Judith Dancoff’s work has appeared in L.A. Weekly, Mademoiselle, and Other Voices. Also a filmmaker, her documentary film Judy Chicago and the California Girls was part of the new American Filmmakers Series at Whitney Museum in New York.
This is Me, Lona Bretweiser, Leaving the Amusement Park of Love Kate DiCamillo
Kate DiCamillo works for a book wholesaler in Minneapolis. This is her first published story.
Whistling through the Graveyard Deborah Bayer
Deborah Bayer’s short fiction has appeared in a range of magazines including Hayden’s Ferry Review, The Greensboro Review, American Writing, The Cream City Review, and Paragraph. March Street Press published a chapbook of her prose pieces titled Jailer’s Inn earlier this year.
The One with the Heart Jane Mullen
Jane Mullen has published stories in Mademoiselle, The Prairie Schooner, and The Oxford American. She received a Mississippi Arts Commission Literary Arts Fellowship to support her recently completed novel, The Woman of the House.
Putting Up Boat Nancy Lord
Nancy Lord is the author of two short story collections, The Compass Inside Ourselves and Survival, and a collection of essays, Fishcamp, published by Island Press in 1997, in which “Putting Up Boat” appears in a somewhat different version. She has recent work in a range of magazines and anthologies including Sierra, Left Bank, Manoa, and the Wildlands Anthology.
Lost and Found Robin Haas
Robin Haas works as a mental health utilization analyst in Michigan. This is her first published work.
The Weekend Girl Marie Sheppard Williams
Marie Sheppard Williams is a recipient of a 1995 Bush Artist Fellowship in Fiction, a 1995 Pushcart Prize (her second), and a Wolf Pen Fellowship in Fiction sponsored by the Kentucky Foundation for Women. Coffee House Press published a collection of her stories in 1996, The Worldwide Church of the Handicapped.