Vol. 2, No. 1 & 2, Fall/Winter 1983 | Alaska Quarterly Review

Vol. 2, No. 1 & 2, Fall/Winter 1983

About the Cover

This weather-beaten Russian Orthodox Church now lies derelict in present-day Kenai on the original site of the second permanent Russian settlement in Alaska, Port St. Nicholas, a fur trading post established in 1791. The photographic print is derived from the Sabattier process.

© Myron Wright

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Table of Contents


Stalking Brian Bedard
From Pinocchio’s Nose Jerome Charyn
The Broken Heart School Lois Brady
Single-Sentence Story Richard Kostelanetz
Adam’s Curse Maura Stanton


Drawing William Doresk
Three Quarter Time John Ditsky
The Autograph Collection John Ditsky
One More City On My Map J.P. White
BaitPruning Apple Trees On McCoy’s Farm
(Hardwick, Vermont)
J.P. White
Available Prey Ken Poyner
The Veteran Ken Poyner
The Small Gods Ken Poyner
Two Old Men In Hats: A Photograph John Margan
Night Beginning Marc J. Sheehan
Woman In Landscape Susan Rea
Starting From The Pike Street Market Karen Locke
A Book Of Sleep Kevin Pilkington
Ablutions Roberta Metz
The Old Man Is Mourning His Departed Wife Robert L. Smith
Leaving The Mill Town William Dubie
Walking The Shoreline In November Carol R. Hackenbruch
From The Desk Of The Parkway Motel Corrinne Hales
Walking Home: Newfoundland 1949 Susan Gorham


Epidermal Metaphysics: Programme – Notes For Gravity’s Rainbow Winnie Hamilton
Robert Lowell’s For The Union Dead: Schizoid Features A.K. Weatherhead
Speaking The Unspeakable: Poetry Of Adrienne Rich Fred Moramarco
Stone That Connives With The Chisel: Seamus Heaney’s Field Work Stephen Corey


Writing And The Sign: Variations On A Theme By Derrida Elzbet Kubik