Vol 3, No. 3 & 4, Spring/Summer 1985 | Alaska Quarterly Review

Vol 3, No. 3 & 4, Spring/Summer 1985

About the Cover

“Tomcod fisher on the Bering Sea Ice” was photographed on the sea ice, one half mile from the shore of Nome, Alaska. This is a traditional way of fishing for the Inupiat Eskimo in the winter and early spring months and tomcod is an important supplement to their subsistence lifestyle. A close look at the scene reveals that all of the objects are also traditional and hand-crafted: ice spear, parka, mukluks; even the fishing sticks or jiggers, as the people call them, are of driftwood.

© Rob Stapleton

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Table of Contents


The El Paso Story Maris Nichols
A Bucket of Mice Nancy Lord
A Sow’s Ear Madeleine Gekiere
Snoogy Patricia Lynn Hunt
The Good In Men James Sallis
Dream Before the Day Philip Simmons
Minnie Lee’s Funeral Anne Cherner Whitehouse


Carriers Michael Miller
Holes Jeff Worley
My Candles Michael A. Carey
Selling Corn Michael A. Carey
Going Around Michael Malinowitz
Waiting for Annie Cheryl Morse
The Small Fragrant Animal That Sleeps In My Heart Donald Caswell
Winter Morning Joseph Powell
Winter Moon Joseph Powell
Keeping Distance Joseph Powell
The Letter Joseph Powel
Tu Fu’s Journey North Robert Fagan
Winter Flight To Shungnak Len Anderson
Paintriarchy Irving Weinman

Criticism and Philisophy

Words: A Parable Mihai Nadin
Seppuku Alfonso Lingis
Some Pictures of Matisse Jay Shir
The Awful Responsibility of Time: The Evolving Sense of History and Self In the Fiction of Robert Penn Warren Anthony Magistrale