Vol. 33, No. 3 & 4, Winter/Spring 2017

About the Cover

Fresh brown bear tracks along the Noatak River in Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska. © 2017 Richard J. Murphy.

Richard J. Murphy’s photographs have appeared in publications ranging from U.S. News & World Report and Time to the Anchorage Daily News and the Nome Nugget. He has contributed cover photographs to AQR since 1996 and his photographic essay “Cancer Journal” appeared in AQR’s Vol. 21 No. 1–2.



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Table of Contents


Poachings Greg Brown


The Good Earth Grocery Richard Dokey
Reduced Circumstances Alice Hatcher
Miss Capelletti Makes Her Shopping List Garret Keizer
Taking Things Sophia Veltfort
The Lustron Home Les Myers
Graces, Fates Gretchen Flesher Duggan
Film Derek Palacio


Diptych: Photography, Brain Katharine Haake
March Mary Odden


Extending the Invitation
$10,000 Pharmakon
Dilruba Ahmed
Claustrum and the Kitchen Mouse Peter Krumbach
Who’s that Girl? Alpay Ulku
Diane is Here and We are Happy to Have Her with Us Jennifer Tseng
Prepositions Against Desire Kimberly Grey
At Golden Gate Park with You Keetje Kuipers
Lonesome Kimiko Kimiko Hahn
Near the Grave of Effie Gray
Naming the Natural World
Margaret Mackinnon
Lincoln Park, Jersey City John Bargowski
Rest Chloe Honum
Ghosts of the Tohoku Coast Lee Ann Roripaugh
Berlin, etc. Jared Harél
At this Frontier Sean Hill
In the Frame Patricia Hooper
Green Target, Jasper Johns, 1955 Tina Barr
Eighteenth Century Japanese Screen, Kyoto
Involuntary Memory
Ioanna Carlsen
Ismael John Hodgen
Universal Law Mary Peelen
From Minnesota Route 60 Marlene VanderWiel
The Visit Christopher Howell
Year of the Carousel Horses Maureen Seaton
Biennial Migration
John A. Nieves
The Burning Nest Nathan Hoks
Wild Flower
In the Old Story
Cecily Parks
On the Properties of Summer Laura Kasischke
Approaching Winter Marie Tozier
Wheeled Walker on the Bottom of the Ocean Tina Kelley
Ship of Years Doug Ramspeck
Shaawatke’é’s Birth Emily Wall and X’unei
Lance Twitchell