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Vol. 34, No.1 & 2, Summer/Fall 2017

About the Cover

About the cover and photographer
A horned puffin shifts his weight from one leg to the other getting ready to fly, St. Herman Harbor, Kodiak, Alaska. © 2017 Marion Owen.

Marion Owen is a Kodiak, Alaska-based photographer. Her photographs and articles have appeared in numerous publications including The Nature Conservancy, Better Homes and Gardens, TIME magazine, Audubon, and National Geographic Traveler.



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Table of Contents


35th Anniversary


The Peregrine at the End of the World Maria Mutch
The Go Seekers Christian Moody
The Entomologist Hadley Moore
The Good Marriage Glori Simmons
Hank Peter Gordon
Dogs in Night to Barn Where Sheep Robin McCarthy
Doth the Wild Ass Bray Garrett Simmons
Sweethearts Jenny Irish
A Kind of Person Ben Nickol
Common Application with Supplement Marian Crotty
The Assailant Ariel Djanikian
Runway Caitlin Kindervatter-Clark


In the Footprint of the Crocodile Man Carol E. Mayer
Memories, Myths and Contemporary Art of the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea
Origin Myths
Customary Life
Village Life
An Uncertain Future


Why Give An Excuse for Skinny Dipping Jessica Jacobs
Leaving Home
From Toward Antarctica
Signing on Again Elizabeth Bradfield
Along the Coast
Patagonia: Pio XI Glacier
Encounter: Leopard Seal
First Landing: Brown Bluff
Closet Moths Karen Leona Anderson
Roach Ode
That Bird Out There Karla K. Morton
Not Montale’s Eel Wendy Barker
Bamboo Forest Faith Shearin
Interpretive Trail Willie Lin
American Mutoscope and Biograph Michael Hurley
The Numerous Bruce Bond
East of Glastonbury G. C. Waldrep
In a Painting by Marc Chagall Kareem Tayyar
Frontier L.A. Johnson
Georgic I: Back-to-the-Land Poem Ben Swimm
The Grosbeaks Jill Osier
Like a Great Sadness, the Tide
Illusion Gabrielle Bates
The Masters
Orgasm as Lapwing Jennie Malboeuf
Kaan and Her Sisters Survive the Siege Lena Khalaf Tuffaha
Dear Miss Sahar
Pastoral with Restless Searchlight Michelle Brittan Rosado
Poem to My Unborn Son the Morning after the Election
Ghost House Kate Gleason
Understudies John Sibley Williams
1976 Chanda Feldman
But We Lived
Nobody Wanted Such a River Erin Hoover
Once Mother and Father Were Buried Susan Rich
Oolite Lunch Mira Rosenthal
Vocalise Laura Fargas
Blues for the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
At a Cocktail Party, I Am Given a Drink Called, “Life is Fleeting and the Olive is Temporary” Kelli Russell Agodon
The Next to Last to First Kiss Taije Silverman
At Sunrise Dilruba Ahmed
Local Newspaper, Floating Photographer, Father’s Day Edition
Estelle Michael Mark
Women in the Waiting Room Kirun Kapur
Flannery’s White Irises Peggy Shumaker
Brocade Jane Hirshfield
Musa Paradisiaca
Harboury Robert Wrigley
Horse Heaven