Vol. 34, No. 3 & 4, Winter/Spring 2018

About the Cover

About the cover and photographer
Icicles, Fairbanks, Alaska.
© 2018 Charles Mason

Charles Mason’s photographs have appeared in Time, LIFE, and Stern (including in their “Pictures of the Year” editions), Outside, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, and GEO. Mason is the recipient of the World Press Photo/ Leica Oskar Barnack Award and awards from the National Press Association and the Rasmuson Foundation.



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Table of Contents


Simulacra Manini Nayar
The Woman in Bed 15 Dina Nayeri
Fish Tank Hananah Zaheer
Jump Rope Andy Mozina
Submission Emily Pease
Stitches John Fulton
Doctor Sveta Olga Zilberbourg
Services Allyson Hoffman
Excavation Rose Whitmore
Anonymous Donor Colleen Morrissey
Feliz Aniversario Micah Stack
The Piano Erika Krouse
Twelfth Night Kirstin Allio


What Are You? Leesa Cross-Smith
In the Shadow of the Titanic Patrick Hicks
A Conceptual Work of Art Robert Brunk
Silence & Song Jerome Charyn
Bad Guys, Good Guys Peter Grimes
This is Doris Ronn Jessica Lind Peterson


In the National Laboratory’s Videos of the
Bomb Tests
Sarah Barber
An Interrogator James Arthur
Remembrance Heather Bourbeau
Fidelity Kate Gaskin
Ghazal for Alabama
The Clock John McKernan
Diagram of the Human Ear Matthew Minicucci
A Pastoral Topography W. J. Herbert
AfterBirth Rimas Uzgiris
AfterLife Anne Pitkin
A Taste of Sweetness Michele Bombardier
Coming Back Elizabeth Langemak
On Water, in Childhood Michael Lavers
Marriage Nicole Stellon O’Donnell
Refugee Mark Wagenaar
We are Many People Some Okay Christopher Citro
In Small Significant Ways We’re Horses
To Keep at Least Partially in the Air
She Told Me Her Mother Slept with
a Snub-Nosed Revolver
Justin Hyde
My Brother’s Face Molly Tenenbaum
Self-Portrait as Cain and Abel Kate Partridge
Of Mouth This Heavenly Body Felicia Zamora
Human Traffic Bruce Cohen
The Renters
The Oaks Maxine Scates
Oysters Brian Barker
The Small Light John Straley
Gifts of the Magi G. C. Waldrep
Dear, We Are Not Dina Hardy
Aubade Blas Falconer
A Love Poem
Trust Jeanne Murray Walker
Text Message: I’m Sorry, I Honestly
Tried to Keep Our Appointment
Eclipse Alyse Knorr
Lauds Erin Coughlin Hollowell
Slurry Spill William Kelley Woolfit
Charlie Louvin Sings the Harmony Parts