Vol. 35, No. 3 & 4, Winter/Spring 2019 | Alaska Quarterly Review

Vol. 35, No. 3 & 4, Winter/Spring 2019

About the Cover

About the cover and photographer
Lily pads and clouds, Lost Lake, Alaska.
© 2019 Kate Wool

Kate Wool is a Fairbanks, Alaska- based photographer. Her images have been exhibited in Alaska, Colorado, and Alabama, and in the Netherlands. Her latest project, “I Am Not a Target,” is a photographic community- based response to the need for sensible gun safety legislation. Her work was featured in Together We Rise: Behind the Scenes at the Protest Heard Around the World by The Women’s March Organizers and Conde Nast (Dey Street Books, 2018), and in publications including Politico, Luna Corea, Alaska Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, DoubleTake Magazine, and Alaska Geographic.



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Table of Contents


The True Height of God’s Bird Christine Ottoni
Come Up Here Rex Shannon
Readying the Colors Amy Fanning
Roar Allison Wyss
Gathering the Dead Polly Buckingham
Middlemen Maria Adelmann
The Woodpecker Jen Logan Meyer
Low Frequencies Bridget Apfeld
Eccentric Viewing Miriam Karmel
Conservation of Angular Momentum Aaron Jacobs


A Novella-length Personal Essay
1999 Christie Hodgen


Matisse’s Great-Granddaughter Jennifer Habel


“South Will Rise” Christopher Kempf
OBIT: Reason Victoria Chang
OBIT: Hindsight
Penelope’s Loom Donald Platt
Sunset Pavilion
Epistemology of Wolves Alyse Knorr
Hybrid W.J. Herbert
Coma Storm Rachel Morgan
Caul Heather Treseler
Early Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Robin Chapman
Palladium Seeds for Prostate Cancer John Morgan
Provenance Patricia Clark
Lounging on the Couch on My 39th Birthday in Pink Flannel Donut Pajamas Julie Danho
A Long Time without Touching
The Company of Trees Tina Kelly
[warning: reenactment] Alyse Bensel
Diesle World Alpay Ulku
One Grand Object David Troupes
The Pious Traveler Stops
Forward Kelly Slivka
Valley of the Gods Leah Poole Osowski
exotic biological kinds that have no actual instances Eleanor Standord
Neighbors at 2 A.M. Terry Lucas
Found Ted Kooser
Car in the Driveway
A Neighborhood Sale
A Staircase on Wheels
A Reappearance