Vol. 36, No. 1 & 2, Summer/Fall 2019

About the Cover

About the cover and photographer
Smooth Alumroot (Heuchera glare) grows in cracks in a greywacke vertical cliff in Cordova, Alaska. © 2019 Roy Corral.

Roy Corral’s photography has been widely published in national magazines including National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Sierra, Audubon, Travel and Leisure, Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife, and Sports Illustrated for Kids. Many of his photographs are currently displayed at the Anchorage Museum’s Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center. Corral is also the photographer for several books, including What the Elders Have Taught Us, My Denali, A Child’s Glacier Bay, Children of the Midnight Sun, and Children of the First People.



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Table of Contents


Ex Party Lee Conell
Hysteria Debbie Urbanski
World Without End Linda McCullough Moore
Silver Victoria Waddle
From Paris, from Joan and Frank Deborah Elliot Deutschman
Blue Houses Nancy Reisman
Three-Week Checkup Michelle Ross
Linear B Jane Gillette
The Situation Aurelie Sheehan
The Fence Jeremy Griffin
Porco Dio Rachel Rose
Ramp Mark Jacobs


Icon Richard Adams Carey
The Witching Hour Kelly Sundberg
Love, Crazy? Deborah A. Lott


Driving Through Kansas, Listening to the Radio Sophie Klahr
Listening to the Radio, Driving Through Colorado Again
For Hoodrats Who Choose Necromancy When Time Ain’t Enough Siaara Freeman
Small Nation Doug Ramspeck
User Manual
Child Soldier Song John Wall Barger
They Say This Is How the Ghosts Feel W. Todd Kaneko
In-Vitro Joe Tobias
Little League Gabrielle Claffey
Midwest Physics: Second Law Rushi Vyas
I Learn to Field-Strip an M-16 Rebecca Foust
Etymology Nicky Beer
Artemis II. Kirstin Allio
Landscape as Time Machine Max McDonough
Hello, It’s Me Tony Trigilio
Moment of Inertia Sneha Madhaven-Reese
Dear Sheryl Sandberg, Carrie Shipers
Flute Ioanna Carlsen
Les Fleurs du Mal Virginia Konchan
Epithalamium Anthony Walton
Let Us Say Good Cate Lycurgus
Kairos Bruce Willard
The Walkers John Kooistra
Feeding the Dogs Deborah Brown
Wounded Dog Fleda Brown
Black Dog Susan Hutton
A Pair of Gloves Joan Murray
Let Us Flee the Nursing Home Madelyn Garner


Photographic Essay

The Lonely Islands: Attu and Kiska Nancy Lord (text)
Irene Owsley (photographs)