Vol. 37, No. 1 & 2, Summer/Fall 2020

About the Cover

About the Cover and Photographer
Autumn’s crisp weather turns cottonwood foliage golden along the Tiekel River in southcentral Alaska. © 2020 Roy Corral.

Roy Corral’s photography has been widely published in national magazines including National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Sierra, Audubon, Travel and Leisure, Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife, and Sports Illustrated for Kids. Many of his photographs are currently displayed at the Anchorage Museum’s Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center. Corral is also the photographer for several books, including What the Elders Have Taught Us, My Denali, A Child’s Glacier Bay, Children of the Midnight Sun, and Children of the First People.



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Table of Contents


Orville Killen: Lifetime Stats Dustin M. Hoffman
A Fairly Ordinary Fool Carrie La Seur
My Father’s Ghost Jim Marino
Casper Gwen E. Kirby
The Fox Princesses Jenny Drai
My Property Mary Otis
On the Other Side of the Yard Mary Jones
The Slugs Come Out When It Rains Richard Spilman
Diener Teresa Milbrodt

Novella-length Narrative Essay

Mother’s House J. Malcolm Garcia


Chaff and Grain Together A. E. Payne
Inarguably Au Sable Brandon Rushton


Eternity or Infinity? Maxine Scates
Poem in My Mother’s Voice Augusta Funk
Childhood Sophia Stid
Kings River Sopphia Stid
Hiding in the Crook Under His Office Desk From an Active Shooter, Davy Crockett Is Visited by an Apparition Seth García
The Next Day Sally Rosen Kindred
A Briefing Robin Myers
Correlation vs. Causation Robin Myers
Letter to the Perseids Felicity Sheehy
Self-Portrait as Office Chair El Williams III
A Man Falls out of a Car John Hodgen
The Funeral Ship Sarah Crossland
Surrenders Sarah Crossland
Fragments Jackson Holbert
Seven Years After My Son’s Birth Brian Komei Dempster
A Fool of Yourself Jane Zwart
Alien Miss Attends a Compline Service as a Non-Believer Carlina Duan
I-94 Carlina Duan
Rust Belt Adage Sophie Klahr, Corey Zeller
Last Week, Tied to My Intravenous Pole Adrie Kusserow
ghar ghar dīpak barai Rajiv Mohabir
Taking Stock Michael McGriff
Waves Bruce Bond