Vol. 38, No. 3 & 4, Spring/Summer 2022

About the Cover

About the cover and photographer
Along the coastline of Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska. © 2022 Roy Corral.

Roy Corral’s photography has been widely published in national magazines including National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Sierra, Audubon, Travel and Leisure, Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife, and Sports Illustrated for Kids. Many of his photographs are currently displayed at the Anchorage Museum’s Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center. Corral is also the photographer for several books, including What the Elders Have Taught Us, My Denali, A Child’s Glacier Bay, Children of the Midnight Sun, and Children of the First People.



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Table of Contents



Mennonites Andrew Porter
Ways of Wanting Mark Jacobs
The Little History of a Bell Molly McNett
Transport to Monticello Paulette K Fire
Ears Jessi Lewis
Airing the House Karen Nicoletti
Daybreak Cary Holladay
Hollow William Weitzel


Papa Bob, Doris, Truth and Memory Heather Lende
Mother Story Allison Field Bell
I Think You Need New Friends Joyce Dehli


Coming Across a Photograph of Myself as a One-Year-Old Particia Hooper
Topsy Tail Michael Waters
Reading Nietzsche on the Beach
Light Projections Kelli Russel Agodon
My Son Calls Himself a Worrier Jane Zwart
i Ways of Looking at a Blackbird
The Something Laura Foley
Milk Teresa Ott
The Lighthouse Chloe Honum
The Common Room
Piece By Piece, This World It Wears You Down Francesca Bell
Having Our Passports Stamped at the Entrance to Dementia W J Herbert
Aphasia’s Not What I Can’t Say Eloise Klein Healy
Sutain Me
Oh, Autolysis Martha Silano
Vernal Kate Lebo
Sonnet Missing One
Night Swimmers Jody Winer
The Death of Ivan Ilych Olena Kalytiak Davis
Tolstoyan Weather
Blind Trap Anne Coray
Hologram Letters Kathleen A Wakefield
Appalachian Diaspora Susan O’Dell Underwood
What We Are About to Receive Vivian Faith Prescott
Iskotew Francine Merasty
Inheritance Allison Albino
Travertine Andrew Koch
Lexicon Mike Seid
Grammar Advice Huan He
Having been out of cell phone range for the last week, you call me Donald Platt
Helen of Troy Returns to Sparta Maria Zoccola
Stalled Mercedes Lawry
Witness Didi Jackson
Breakfast in South America AE Hines
Thermopolium Jane Hirshfield