Vol. 4, No. 3 & 4, Spring/Summer 1986 (Editors: Nora Dauenhauer, Richard Dauenhauer, Gary Holthaus; Executive Editor: Ronald Spatz) | Alaska Quarterly Review

Vol. 4, No. 3 & 4, Spring/Summer 1986 (Editors: Nora Dauenhauer, Richard Dauenhauer, Gary Holthaus; Executive Editor: Ronald Spatz)

About the Cover

“Shaman Flying” is a late prehistoric Inupiat Eskimo artifact from Point Hope, Alaska. It is made of a whale vertebra and the eyes are of walrus ivory. Although many shamans flew, only the greatest flew to the moon where they communed with the spirits. “Shaman Flying” is part of the permanent collection of the Anchorage Museum of History and Art.

©1986 Sam Kimura

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Table of Contents


Preface Nora Dauenhauer
Richard Dauenhauer
Gary Holthaus
Introduction: An Invitation to the Dance Rayna Green
Some Considerations About the Oral Tradition and Writing William Schneider

The Spoken Word

Lament for Eyak Anna Nelson Harry
Lake-Dwarves Anna Nelson Harry
Fish Story: Karta Bay Victor Haldane
Shag and the Raven Victor Haldane
Story of the Double Fin Killer Whale Victor Haldane
Haida Hunters and Legend of the Two Fin Killer Whale George Hamilton
Ivan Durak Steals a Ring Dick Kamluck, Sr.
A Bear Story Walter Meganack, Sr.
Ggaadookk Sally Pilot
The Crow and the Mink Mary Worm
The First Whales Kirt Bell
Raven and the Mallard Girl John Fredson
Wolverine and the Wolves John Fredson
The Boy Who Found the Lost Laura Norton
Raven, Seagull and the Crane Willie Marks
The Susitna Story Shem Pet
Tsetsaut History: The Forgotten Tribe of Southern-Southeast Alaska Reginald Dangeli
Tlingit Oratory Nora Dauenhauer
Speech for the Removal of Grief David Kadashan
Speech for the Removal of Grief Jessie Dalton
Speech for the Removal of Grief Austin Hammond

The Writtenn Word

Cannery Children Mary Jane Peterson
Willow Was Her Name Dixie Alexander
Night Without Dawn Glen Simpson
Traveling in the Land of the Native Art Historians Glen Simpson
Front Street Glen Simpson
Candle Lite June McGlashan
It is Very Quiet June McGlashan
Dumped! Pam Colorado
O Dark Sister Mary Tall Mountain
Seahorse Music Mary Tall Mountain
Nuliajuk, A Sequence Mary Tall Mountain
Gaslight Fred Bigjim
Ballet in Bethel Fred Bigjim
Museum Nora Dauenhauer
After Ice Fog Nora Dauenhauer
Saginaw Bay: I Keep Going Back Robert H. Davis
Sacrifice: A Dream/A Vision Sister Goodwin
Nomadic Inupiat for Kappaisruk Sister Goodwin
Innocence Sister Goodwin
Piksinnaq Sister Goodwin
Speaking Dog Year Sister Goodwin
Mouse Story/K’eta Sukdu Peter Kalifornsky
Gambling Story/Ch’enlahi Sukdu Peter Kalifornsky
Crow and the One-Side-Human/Gugguyni Ch’u Q’ezch’en Quht’ana Peter Kalifornsky
The Old Dena’ina Beliefs/Dena’ina K’ech’ Qulyuch’ Peter Kalifornsky
Super Cockroach Tale Tim Afcan, Sr.
Magic Maker Buell Anaka
Three Letters to Howard: An Interpretation of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 Fred Bigjim and James Ito-Adler
Salmon in the Pond Randall Johnson
Untitled Andrew Evan
A House I Remember George Westdahl
A Talk With Peter Kalifornsky: Sukdu beq’ quht’ana Ch’ulani, “The Stories Are For Us to Learn Something From.” Katherine McNamara