Vol. 6, No. 1 & 2, Fall/Winter 1987

About the Cover

Looking southeast from the 6,050-foot summit of Carpathian Peak in the Kenai Mountains of Alaska, one can see Blackstone Glacier and, in the distance, the Sargent Icefield. Carpathian sits ten miles south of the towns of Portage and Whittier, on the rugged isthmus that joins the Kenai Peninsula to the Alaska mainland.

©1987 Peter Porco

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Table of Contents


Horizontal Closets Bill Van Wert
Though the Elements Extend Between Us Susan Policoff
The Keeper of the Dogs R.H. Ober
Rough Water Rick Hillis
Trailer to Shreveport K.C. Frederick
The Great White Bluesman Joseph Hurka
Gracie Hardenfest Alice Caroline
The Family Room Mirror Therese Eiben
Beginning Theresa Marchwinski
Other Plans Deborah Mille


Stealing the Light B.A. St. Andrews
Mose, Rust of Moll: Moss, Rust, and Moths Rolf Jacobsen Trans. Robert Hedin
Ballad Före Regnet: Ballad Before Rain Lars Gustafsson Trans. Robert Hedin
Apples David Jauss
Bass Embrace Michael D. Stein
In the Mad Circle of Lazy Saints Mark Nepo
Escarpments Mark Nepo
To My Lunar Equestrian Mark Nepo
Beyond the Victoria Mine Wendy Bishop