Vol. 7, No. 3 & 4 Spring/Summer 1989

About the Cover

Nestled in the Hatcher Pass area of Alaska’s Talkeetna Mountains, Independence Mine State Historical Park looks down the pass and out toward the Matanuska Valley and the Chugach Mountains. The mine was in operation from 1938 through 1943. During peak production in 1941, the mine had 204 employees and produced 34, 416 ounces of gold.

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Table of Contents

Special Section: Grace Paley

Against Despair: An Interview with Grace Paley
In Time Which Made A Monkey Of Us All
The Dance In Jinoteca
Seen Through The Window
For Mike and Jeannie: Resisters Fifteen Years Later


Early Deaths Ben Brooks
The Last Parakeet Kate McCorkle
Personal Possessions Kate McCorkle
Personal Possessions Kate McCorkle
Down Under Silver Lake Debbie Lee Wesselmann
Plumbing Debra Monroe
The Little Woman Ronald Wallace
Coretta’s Revenge Walter Mosley
Huffman’s First Action In The City Gary Parks
Moving Day Joan Joffe Hall
Clay Steve Lindahl


Tornado Warning James Brock
Creation Ex Nihilo: Upon My First Anniversary James Brock
Love And Its Locked Houses James Brock
Chuck Berry At The Filmore West, 1969 Sally Carricuburu
Oncology Sally Carricuburu
Vino Vecchio Adri Anna Arena
Some Other Reasons I Can Think Of Sharon Black
Heat Lightning Kristopher Saknussemm
River Mark Hurdelsh
Fencewire Robert Hedin